Magic Night perfumed card


A floral perfume for women that is sweet and vanilla-based, to remember this magical night forever…

Perfumed card – Photographers Patrick Michau et Marie Noelle Archambault

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Magic Night is a feminine floral and fruity perfume of great sensuality. It celebrates that perfect moment of a magical night, the one that turns heads and captivates hearts.

The sweet and delightful top notes, which seem straight out of a fruity horn of plenty, give way to an elegant, joyful and remarkable fragrance. The sweet scents of coconut, melon, strawberry and blackcurrant blend with the tangy notes of orange, lemon and apple, as well as with flowers that add the sophisticated feminine touch that makes this fragrance a unique creation.

It is then vanilla‘s turn to leave a delicious powdery veil on the skin, delicately, like a souvenir of that Magic Night….

Top notes: lemon, fruits, bergamot, mandarin, melon, orange, strawberry
Heart notes: fruits, apple, coconut, flowers, blackcurrant
Base notes: musk, vanilla, talc, powder