A powerful unisex fragrance with honey, oud, leather and amber notes.

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No one can resist the spell of this supreme oriental elixir. Just like Mirifica, we are all unique: this unisex fragrance is the accomplishment of extraordinary, singular, irreplaceable personalities – the kind that make you turn around in the street.

Oud is sometimes referred to as the new patchouli; it is actually much more than that. Its spiritual use can be found in the oldest writings of humanity. The “wood of the gods“, which comes from the forests of Asia, has always been shrouded in a mystical aura. This aura elevates Mirifica to the rank of rare and precious perfumes.

Both animal and woody, the exquisitely versatile scent of oud blends with rose and cedar wood to turn Mirifica into a powerful and mysterious fragrance, that sublimates the feminine and masculine instincts that we all have within ourselves.

Top notes : honey, rose, cedar wood
Heart notes : oud, patchouli, moss, cistus
Base notes : oud, amber, musk