Larmes d’Orient


A perfume that has been designed like a jewel, in the tradition of high French perfumery, using exceptional raw materials.

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Larmes d’Orient is not only a unique, refined and enchanting perfume. Larmes d’Orient tells a story, the tale of the impossible love of an oriental princess.

The fruity freshness of watermelon, peach and mandarin, as a metaphor for the innocence of the unfortunate princess, gives way to the depth of the mysterious oud, the “wood of the gods”. The princess’ family is opposed to her union with the one she so desperately wants…

The tears shed form a myriad of droplets of hope, the hope of a happy ending: the warm embrace in the arms of the loved one is comforting, just like the notes of amber, rose and vanilla in this intricate, irresistible and inaccessible fragrance. This inimitable fragrance makes the hearts of elegant and romantic, ingenious and sophisticated women, modern-day princesses, vibrate.

Top notes : watermelon, peach, mandarin
Heart notes : wood, oud, patchouli
Base notes : amber, rose, vanilla